Vehicle Sign Writing

Europress Vehicle Wrapping

Our Latex Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl comes with the HP Performance Warranty. Built to last, this printing material produces prints that can withstand the demanding conditions of outdoor display from weather to cleaning for applications like vehicle wraps. The HP Performance Warranty protects your graphics—your wrap will maintain image performance and durability, and peel off with very little glue residue for up to 5 years.

Imagine constant advertising everytime you take your vehicle out - Vehicle wrapping can work out to less than 5p per day! There isn't another advetising medium that gives you that much value for money! VEHICLE WRAPPING - Latex 5 year laminated vinyl

WE CAN PRINT ON A WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS At Europress we can produce a remarkably broad range of OUTDOOR AND INDOOR APPLICATIONS from rugged, eye-catching vehicle wraps that get ad campaigns moving to odourless indoor displays perfectly suited for sensitive hospital or restaurant environments. Latex Ink Technologies allow us to provide you with the opportunity to print on a wide range of solvent-compatible media.

In house Laminating Our Matrix 530 BS Automatic Laminator can laminate both sides of an SRA3 sheet with ease and up to speeds of 3,000 per hour. With no set up fee,why not take advantage of the huge cost savings and add that special finishing touch to your printing by choosing a gloss or matt laminate.

Need your job folded? Super fast folding is available at Europress with the introduction of our GUK B2 folder. Folding up to three folds at speeds of over 12,000 per hour means your job is printed and folded and back to you in extra fast time. This not only helps you meet your deadline but that of your clients too.

Booklet Maker! Our Booklet maker with its collater and feeder means Europress can produce up to 64 page booklets, stitched to perfection and at speeds of up to 3,000 per hour. Our built in trimmer means perfect crips, clean edges every time. Great for brochures and village booklets.

Green Credentials

Our promise to the environment- At Europress we're taking our working and living environment seriously.

Seriously enough for us to invest in the latest technology which produces indoor and outdoor printing using Latex inks not Solvent Inks that give off harmful and environmentally damaging VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). This means we are able to print for Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants... anywhere where you don't want to be breathing in harmful fumes or smelling solvent fumes. Totally weatherproof and long lasting, all our large format print will amaze and outstand!

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