Wallpaper Canvas wraps


Large format print. WE PRINT PERSONALISED WALLPAPER We can take any image and create personalised wallpaper for any room in your home or office. Imagine that, a whole wall with your own image for everyone to see. Printed on wipe clean digital wallpaper, this hard wearing media has a colourfast rating of 80 years so will outlast us all. Impregnated with adhesive, you simply wet the back with a damp sponge or spray with a mist bottle and hang, no messy paste and once you give us the measurement, no waste, we"ll print to fit your wall - truly stunning! truly stunning!

Canvas Wraps Totally Awesome! - your favourite image wrapped around pine frames and printed onto genuine artist canvas, a perfect present for friends or family!

Green Credentials

Our promise to the environment- At Europress we're taking our working and living environment seriously.

Seriously enough for us to invest in the latest technology which produces indoor and outdoor printing using Latex inks not Solvent Inks that give off harmful and environmentally damaging VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). This means we are able to print for Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants... anywhere where you don't want to be breathing in harmful fumes or smelling solvent fumes. Totally weatherproof and long lasting, all our large format print will amaze and outstand!

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